Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Welcome to COMM 330!

Howdy all and welcome to the fall semester of COMM 330!

COMM 330 is a course designed to survey the history, growth and structure of technological systems underpinning the contemporary media landscape of the information society. A subtitle for this class could be the "history of the digital transition" Together we will explore the different issues and questions that emerge at the intersection of new technology, media industries and culture.

The class blog is a space for further discussion of issues raised in class. It will also be used as part of your case study presentations. You will post a 300 word blog post summarizing the core argument of your presentation prior to the start of class when they are scheduled for their presentation. Following your presentation students must also post a response to their blog summarizing class discussion raised by their presentation and reflection on how they would answer the week’s discussion questions stated in the syllabus. You are also encouraged to post helpful links to articles or web site related to their presentation. Posting of these comments online is due by start of the next class following your presentation.

Here is a great example from last semester of what this should look like.

Happy blogging!