Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Going Digital

On February 17, 2009 television will change forever. Starting on that all television stations must broadcast only in digital. I will be discussing the affects that this switch will have on the industry and consumers, both positive and negative. I will also talk about what you can do to be ready for this transition so that you can keep enjoying your favorite TV shows.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

TiVo In Todays Society

On March 27, I will be discussing the company TiVo who is the maker of DVRs. I will cover everything from the history of TiVo, the target audiences, the beneficial up's and down's for comsumers and markets, and also income statistics. Through my speech I will talk about how TiVo has made a positive impact on viewers. http://http// Some might wonder about advertising with TiVo and the concerns now placed upon advertisement in which I will be discussing as well. Last but not least I will dicuss future expectations of TiVo and viewers at home.

The Expansion of MTV and Its Affect on Culture

On March 27, I will be discussing how the Music Television Channel (MTV) has influenced the television formats we see today and has helped to influence, solidify and spread pop culture, both in America and in many other countries. I will discuss MTV's beginnings and history, how its format changed from only music videos to now music videos, television shows (especially reality television), and other forms of entertainment. I will also talk about MTV's expansion outside of the United States to other countries and cultures, especially Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and will discuss its influence in those countries.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Thursdays presentation

Hey guys this is Eric Burchett I had to borrow Robbies account because mine would not work.

This Thursday I will be discussing the dissemination and integration of CGI technology into the film industry. I will look at early examples of CGI in film and early innovators of the technology. Then I will shift focus to major CGI companies and there impact on film. Then I will look at more modern examples of the technology and discuss the current state of the technology in cinema. We will look at such questions as to weather or not film benefits or is disstracted by CGI and to what extent film audiences expect CGI in modern film.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Viral Marketing: Infection of the Film Industry

On Thursday March 6th I will be discussing a relatively new marketing principle, known as viral marketing, and the effects it has on the audiences of the film industry. We have all been affected by the traditional marketing roles that media take through mediums such as advertisements, trailers, and so on, but in a society that seemingly cannot go fifteen minutes without checking their emails, it seems that two way communication is the driving force of today's economy. A variety of business genres use the principle of viral marketing and even though the film industry jumped on board circa late 90's, they are still relatively behind on the playing field. J.J. Abrams a well known producer and writer in Hollywood has become an avid believer in the viral marketing ideals. His most recent viral marketing campaign included the monster/horror genre film Cloverfield (2008). This economically feasible film was completed with a very low bottom line cost, but returned an approximate profit of $21M to Paramount Pictures, with talk of a sequel. But why would a movie with a below average ticket buyer rating provide such a broad profit along with subsequent preparations of a sequel? The answer along with the economic success of the movie has been attributed to the Cloverfield viral marketing campaign denotes Paramount Pictures. The audiences were riveted by the continual internet clues and elevated suspense left by untitled trailers. I will be discussing the background on viral marketing, how it contributed to Cloverfield's success, and the future it has in the audiences of the film industry.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Movie Theater Franchise vs. Independent Movie Theaters

On March 6, I will be explaining that movie franchises such as AMC Theater are much more diverse and complex than smaller independent movie theaters. I will also be talking about an independently owned movie theater called Showplace 3 Cinema. It is important to realize the two different types of businesses and how they operate. I am going to differentiate the two movie theaters on the topics of distribution, projection, prices, profit, and audiences. AMC is pushing for innovation and technology while Showplace 3 is sticking to it's smaller more family owned way of doing things.