Sunday, October 5, 2008

Freedom of Speech and the Columbine High School Massacre

After doing research on the Columbine High School Tragedy, I was shocked about certain information that is open to the public. I am fully for having freedom of speech, don’t get me wrong, but I believe that there is some information that should not be make public when it is such a sensitive subject for family members. It seems like in today’s world the newspapers are more relaxed in the fact that people can say what they want, but they do have a code of ethics. In the 17th century, they had a very strict format of what they could say in their newspapers. Through many years of observing the newspapers, I have noticed that people want to know every detail about something they are interested in. In Columbine’s case, people wanted to know everything about the shooting. The police were wishy-washy about letting some of the information out because of the hurt it would cause to many people. I can’t help but think of the family members of Harris and Klebold, and if they went to youtube, they could see some graphic pictures of their children.

I am not saying that the government should regulate what information goes in the news, but it almost seems like the last resort at times. I would want to believe that people had ethics and would understand about some information getting released or out in the cyber world. In the case of Klebold’s autopsy being released, I believe that the public wanted to know and yes they had the right. I think about the Dylan’s family and if they had to open up the newspaper and see their child’s history is all over the paper.

With this tragedy, there are many touchy places because this is one of the first terrible school shootings. Many people believe the information should be out, but there are others that believe that the information should be kept a secret. Here is the link of the video of the Littleton Police releasing all of the evidence for the family members to view.

Kacee Richards

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