Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Global Media: Mason Surber

How does globalization shape media products and industry? In the last fifty years media influence has grown exponentially as technology has advanced. In our society today, people all over the world depend on information and communication to keep them moving in the right direction. As technology continues to advance globalization and its influence on all forms of products will continue to evolve. When I first began researching for this case study I was somewhat skeptical of the effect that globalization would really have on the media industry. Globalization has not only provided new mediums for media exchange, but also allows people to share ideas and experiences with others no matter their geographic location.

The first part of my presentation today will include insight into the company ESPN. I will provide ESPN’s company background information and the role that globalization has played in the formation of their successful business. I will also provide the audience with some statistical information regarding their revenue and affiliation to one of the top media firms and the current ownership of ESPN.

The second part of my presentation will break down the driving forces of globalization and the benefits it can provide. In this portion of the presentation I will also discuss ESPN’s current business ventures, affiliates, and ground-breaking feats in the form of media products. We will also look at the consumption of media on a global scale, and what forms of media are prevalent throughout the world. After comparing the mediums in which people partake, I will present ESPN’s revenue generation from previous years.

My questions for thought will be asking the class about ESPN’s effectiveness in reaching the global population. They will also be asked if there are any actions that the company could take to give them advantages over similar media companies. These questions will not only stem from the information presented, but from personal beliefs and ideas as well.

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