Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Post presentation reflection

After giving the presentation and hearing from the others of all of the advances that technology has allowed emerge, it is evident that the next generation has a lot to look forward to. Technology is greatly affecting communication in general. The way people meet, the way they spread an idea, or the way they are able to "see" the world are all going to be directly affected by the technology available to them. In the record industry, I believe we will see many major record labels trying to keep up with technology but amplifying other qualities they have, now that they are not the only ones able to produce good quality music. They will continue to have the most networking capabilities and use the independant label world as a competition to seek out who can make it on their own. This allows them to see who is "sellable" and makes a major record labels job that much easier if the artist is already globally know. Technology has helped in massive ways to the spread of music and the variety now being exposed.

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