Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Newspapers New Transition

The decline of the newspaper is no big news, but what is the newspaper doing to survive in the digital era? As our society has shifted to an information based society, the newspaper is reinventing itself while moving from a mass media economy to a new media economy. The newspaper is making this transition by finding new ways to earn money. They are doing this by providing digital copes online and selling advertising, moving paper subscriptions to online subscriptions and covering certain information for specific groups of people.

The newspaper was one of the first media’s to communicate to different parts of a city or country. It has been doing this for many decades and with the creation of the internet and how our society has moved to a information based society it has decade in its need. The newspaper has declined in use since the 90’s because information is more quickly accessed online then on paper.

As the internet is speeding up the process information can be spread from one place to another. This is creating no need for the paper, so the paper is changing what you can subscribe to. You now can subscribe to paper but as well to the information that you get online. While paying a fee you can get more information if you are a subscriber for online content.

This online subscription moves the need for paper material, the need for more information increases. What happens then though is the newspaper companies are narrowcasting. They targeting certain groups and creating information based on who is their subscriber. While they cover every genre or topic, they are creating more stories and covering certain topics more in depth. This is where a subscriber may choose one newspaper company to subscribe to over another.

The newspaper will survive, it may not be in the same format as it once was in its glory days, but it will remain as a source of information for our society. As our technology increases so will our need for more information. This need will only increase the devices the newspaper can use to keep itself from becoming an obsolete form of media.

This link is one of many that gives a opinion over how the newspaper may or may not survive.

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Jordan Blair said...

During the discussion questions in class today after my presentation it helped to reinforce a few ideas and readings I had about the survival of the newspaper. While media convergence is causing the newspaper to reinvent itself and create new digital formats. The actual medium of a paper format of the newspaper will survive. It may not be such a big media like it was once before. As the market creates new devices that bring all forms of media to once device, I could see a change in the market where a need for a single media form product is wanted.