Sunday, February 19, 2012

Newspaper and the Integration of Twitter

          From the beginning of Journalism, The industry of Newspaper is rapidly changing with today’s social media. We as providers and consumers of the news have to keep up. Journalism is now changing ways of reporting through technology like Twitter. In my case study presentation on Thursday, I will discuss how the integration and changes through newspapers have occurred because of social media, by cutting costs, sharing resources, and the overall role that Twitter has played.
          First I will begin with the introduction of how journalism has evolved from Yellow Journalism and New Journalism. In one of my examples, it will display how the first forerunner newspaper uses Twitter to relate breaking news to citizens during a heavy storm. Also, I will discuss “The meeting of two media is a moment of truth and revelation from which new form is born.”  That new form is known as Twitter. More reporters are now using Twitter to alert followers to breaking news or to news stories online. By this new means of social media, Reporters can extend their information faster and more easily accessible to consumers of the news to multiple outlets. With this topic, it brings up the issue of what if a reporter tweets a news tip that is incorrect information. In my case study, I will display an instance in the newsroom where a journalist does just that and the consequences that it takes on them and readers through the Internet. As the question of the week “What are the constraints on free speech & the First Amendment for the news industry?”, this makes one consider how our news industry has evolved because of social media similar to Twitter. There are no longer constraints on free speech when you use an outlet like Twitter. The overall effect that Twitter has on the journalism industry depends on whom you ask. The ways in which we report news is changing, for better or for worse.

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Melanie Grover said...

After my presentation in class, I really enjoyed being able to ask the class their opinions about my discussion questions. In response to this week’s questions, “What are the constraints on free speech & the First Amendment for the news industry,” The news industry is changing the way it reports news with new innovative ways to incorporate social media. It was interesting to see the various views about the subject of how Twitter will affect Reporters’ careers in the future. I enjoyed listening to the multiple contributions from the class about the topic.

Overall, I think that Twitter has helped our news industry in the fast-moving society that we live in today, especially in the cases of natural disasters. It will be interesting to see how news outlets will continue to add social media to their networks to keep up with our generation.