Thursday, March 22, 2012


In today's class, I will be presenting on the Slingbox and how innovations in technology have changed the way that we watch television. I will start by discussing television through the Internet and how over the last decade, our mediums of watching a show have changed drastically. Then I will introduce a product that continues to change the way that we are able to watch our favorite shows. This product is the Slingbox. I will explain how it functions and is able to stream live television to a portable device such as a mobile phone. I will discuss pricing of the Slingbox so that the class can gain an understanding of how much this technology costs. After that, I will talk about the history of the Slingbox. When it was founded and how the Sling Media industry has progressed since its inception. The uses of the Slingbox will be discussed after the history. The uses include traveling for business or pleasure and not wanting to miss a second of your favorite sports team’s game. I will then show products similar to the Slingbox and show that though this is a recently new technology, there is still competition. Some of these include the “Vulkano Flow”, “TV2Me”, and USB TV Tuners.

After this discussion about the Slingbox, I will talk about websites that offer television to be watched after the live airing on standard television. I will reveal something that I found in the book that I thought was interesting on how television networks are allowed to count Internet viewers within three days of the original airing as part of their ratings. Finally, I will ask if there are any questions that I could answer that may have come to mind while listening to my presentation. I will present the discussion questions and come to my conclusion about the Slingbox, internet television, and the direction in which technology is taking us.

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