Tuesday, September 16, 2014

On September 8, 2014 The NFL announced a new set of rules concerning domestic violence in the NFL after a video of professional running back Ray Rice assaulting his then-fiance in an elevator went viral. In the past we had newspapers, the original source of the “Agenda Setting Theory” in mass media. Agenda setting means informing the public about an issue and bringing it to the top on the public agenda. The effect of Rice’s act caused the mass media to respond; even president Barack Obama made comments about the case stating all of the wrongs about domestic violence. People did not have to be sports fans to hear about the incident or hear about the new policy set by the NFL. New media has allowed for more people to be more vocal with their opinions by doing things such as posting on twitter or other social media sites; new media is what forced the NFL to have to action on the case. In class we discussed if the video hadn't gone viral, would the NFL have taken action like they had? People were saying that the action of banning Ray Rice probably wouldn't have occurred if the video wasn't leaked, but because the media released it to the masses and heard their voices, their opinions on the crime forced the NFL to respond.

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