Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Chapter 2 Case Study: The Microsoft Monopoly

On January 24th, I will be presenting a case study over monopolies in the media, specifically the Microsoft Corporation. Through much research, I will be able to accurately explain how a media monopoly functions and rises to supreme power. I will shed light on how a company such as Microsoft is able to grow and multiply into a media powerhouse, and how it accurately complies with this week’s theme of “Convergence and Media Markets”. Through use of the text in Media Now: Understanding Media, Culture, and Technology, I will directly apply the terms we have learned, such as economies of scale and barriers to entry, to the Microsoft Corporation monopoly. Not only will I explain how Microsoft is a monopoly, but how it affects our society today and all of its competitors in the media market. Microsoft successfully extinguishes competitors with ease and reaps major profit. However, with extreme power and success comes extreme responsibilities and damage control. Since Microsoft is the supreme ruler in its market, the corporation is constantly fighting off lawsuits and problems with the government. I hope my presentation will raise questions or concerns about the effects of a media monopoly in our world today.

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Amanda Reed said...

The feedback I received from the class after my presentation over the Microsoft monopoly varied from person to person. Some of my classmates felt that Microsoft is an overbearing monopoly and they are unhappy with the performance of their software. Others argued that Microsoft is undeniably one of the most successful and perfected corporations with outstanding business tactics. My classmates seemed interested in current affairs with Microsoft. One question was raised involving a possibility that Microsoft is trying to take over Facebook. In reality they are simply buying a small portion of the online company. My classmates seemed very up to date with current affairs involving the media industry and Microsoft. Overall, the round table discussion went well.