Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sample Case Study: Disney Company as a Global Media Force

On December 1 I will be presenting on the Disney Company as one of the most powerful global media organizations. By sharing my researching the Disney company and how they maintain their power, I was able to explain how Disney has achieved their success and continues to grow in a global market. My presentation relates to this week's theme of globalization and media by offering insight into the philosophy and practices of one of the top global media organizations. My presentation will focused in on what forms of media they utilize as well as how Disney narrowcasts and personalizes their media products to the market they are presenting in. I will draw on the Media Now on Globalization of Communications Media which discussed the effect that global media has on the world as well as individual countries. Specifically I will highlight how the Disney Company and brand have been used as a great tool to connect the world, but at the same time has had force many traditions and folk stories to be lost behind a tapestry of flashy computer animation. Disney has worked to become a top player in the global media race, and therefore they are a prime example of global media and the topic of chapter sixteen in Media Now.

Company background, loss of tradition, consumerism, and the Disney Parks will serve as the information topics that allowed me to discuss the Disney Company as a global media force. Not only does Disney have television, radio, and movie power, but they use this power to push their media in other avenues. These avenues are toys, shops, books, rides, restaurants, and parks. Disney uses such companies as McDonald's to run a promotion for their upcoming feature film or hip new show on the Disney Channel. The parks; such as Disneyland, Disney World, Tokyo Disney, and Disneyland Paris; have served has a very successful tool for the Disney Company to encourage the globalization of their media. I hope my presentation will raise questions about what impact Disney Company is making within our global media world.


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In our class discussion it was noted that Disney does a great job of connecting with its target market all over the world. This was found based on the concept that they tailor their parks and merchandise to fit the needs and wants of every country. They also do so by producing films that appeal to a world audience but still use historic folk stories such as Mulan and Cinderella. The class seemed to agree that Disney has been a success in making an appeal to the global market. However this success may have some unintended consequences. Some points raised included, the loss of local culture and the “disneyfication” of society which means points to the Disney’s tendency to stripping a real place or event of its original character and repackaging it in a sanitized format.

Overall, this presentation taught me a lot about the global media industry, how a create strategies that allow them to cross into diverse markets, as well as the potential impact of such success on our global society.

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