Thursday, April 30, 2009

On thursday I did my presentation on the idea of convergence. I started out with the definition, the integration of multiple medias such as phones, computers, radio and tv. Along with a few examples of where we have recently seen new media and convergence such as businesses, schools, phones and computers.

I then used the iPhone as one of my examples. The iPhone combines internet, radio, and many other applications all on this one device. I found this to be a great example because not only is it recent where many students can relate to its uses but it does represent the six characteristics we went over in class.

Next I spoke of blogging and how it has become a new "new" media. Twitter has become a new fad in a past year or so. I chose this as new media because you are able to access twitter through your computer and phone or even email. You personal updates can be made at any time of the day through any device you choose. Many people use it for marketing, social or even for stocks. The president even uses it!

After those two examples I chose to use a product called "bacon salt" as an example of how quickly new media has taken part in everyday peoples lives. Two men, came up with this product and decided it would be great to get it out there and maybe make a profit out of it. They chose different medias to present themselves, facebook, myspace, twitter, youtube anything and everything basically. Not only did new media increase their sales but it also shows how audience generated many of these "new" medias have become.

I left with two discussion questions on where do we think new media will be in the next 5 years and do you see schools depending more on new media for their teachings?

thanks and gig em;
lindsey moehlig

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