Monday, April 20, 2009

Power at Your Fingertips

April 16, 2009 I presented a case study to my Communication 330 class. Representing the business worlds effects on the invention of cell phone generations. Presented to the general public in the early to mid 80's, cell phones have had a drastic impact on our social world as well. Starting with the use of pagers led us into the first generation cell phone. This type of phone could easily be recognized as the 'brick phone', referencing it to the cell phones used by characters in Save by the Bell. Mostly based off of analog communication abilities, this phone only allowed verbal communication through the phone. Moving into the second generation phone brought more connection to the class since it was from a time period we could remember and relate to. With a digital representation in this generation of phones, consumers were not only allowed to transfer voice messages but SMS text messaging as well. GSM was established in eastern countries for this phone and broadband speeds were established at a fast rate as well. Taking a turn into a more current product, the third generation cell phones were able to hit home with pretty much every student in attendance. With this being the cell phone of today, students knew the characteristics such as High band width, digital connection, live video calls, video streaming and understood the concept of this being referred to as the handheld computer. After these past generations were established, we were able to take a stand on understand the fourth generation cell phone.
With our generation being more and more dependent on technology I found the class to be fairly educated on the event of fourth generation cell phones. The new generation will offer mobile HD Television and have a pretty ability of transferring voice data and streamed multimedia concepts. This device will also come with the software LTC, long term communication, meaning that the cell walls will be less important and the connection will carry long without transferring the call to a new cell. Wi-Fi will also play a key role in the upgrade to 4G along with the instillation of 'cloud' features for better connection. With technology quickly changing, I found the expectation of society to keep up is quickly rising as well. The more up to date you are the more professional you are considered to be in the world of business. Below are a few sources I found to be useful while preparing for this presentation. They kept me up to do date with what tomorrow could possible hold in the world of cell phone technology.



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