Monday, February 1, 2010

Blog Response to Case Study 1

During the previous lecture I provided a case study structured around Apple’s ipod in order to better grasp the concept of Diffusion of innovation. My main source for the composition of the theory was the theory as it was presented by Everett M. Rogers. The ipod makes for a great example of the diffusion of innovation as it can easily be used to illustrate the stages, characteristics, and spread chart of adaptors of the innovation.

During the presentation I described each the stages, characteristics, and adaptor categories to the classroom and used the history of the ipod since its inception in 2001 to illustrate each case. Not only did this introduce the concept of diffusion of innovation to the class but along the way we answered the question of the week which was “How does media convergence influence new media markets?” The ipod is an exceptional piece of technology what started out as a simple MP3 player has now been revolutionized by the demands placed on it by the consumer. No longer is an ipod just a player of music but rather it is a video player, a running counter, calorie counter, and a video game holder along with many other interesting applications that can be added to it. Through the diffusion of innovation the ipod has received more money and popularity and is now able to reap the benefits of converging different forms of media into one bit of technology. This media convergence, made possible by the diffusion of innovation has influenced the market by creating a greater demand for technology that is increasingly more complex and diverse in media styles. The success of the ipod is an example of how media convergence can lead to a domination of the market as the ipod is the leader in its class of MP3 players for the sole reason that it does more than just play music.

Keeping this in mind I pose the following discussion question for my fellow students to ponder….

Is the Diffusion of innovation theory a valid theory for describing why a product or idea spreads (or doesn’t spread) throughout society?


Jacob Castoreno

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