Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Global Media: ITU and ITSO

On February 11th, I gave my presentation of two leading companies that create policies over the telecommunications and satellites we use at a global level. During my presentation I talked about how ITU first became to be as well as how they control most of the flow of different types of communication media though out the world. My main focus was on providing information on what these companies do because little is known about these organizations since no one ever seems to actually ask and find out who are the ones in charge of all the data we transfer globally.

I first began my lecture in giving the history of ITU and the different sectors that it controls. As well I described how this was a union based organization that tried to receive new countries to work towards a goal of being able to transfer information across border without breaking any laws.

To answer the discussion question of the week on how globalization shape media products and industry? I feel that as new different forms of telecommunication products are being developed, each country needs to be able to keep up with one another so that they do not fall behind in the race of communications with other nations.

One of the questions I asked in class was about the different problems ITU and ITSO could face and it was brought to my attention that the main problem is that not everyone is going to want to the same policy makeup as the nation beside it causing them to disagree on certain subject ( such as trans-border information). Another point brought up is that the dominating countries do not feel the need to attend such policy making assemblies causing it a problem in all the votes they receive.

So the main focus of the case study was to help find organizations that help link the globe together in policy making to help increase the global media market we live in today so that people around the world can communicate with one another fast and easy.

For more information I would look into:
International Telecommunication Union- http://www.itu.int/en/pages/default.aspx
International Telecommunication Satellite Organization- http://www.itso.int/

Kevin Gonzalez

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