Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hollywood vs. Bollywood

This past Tuesday, I presented a case study to the class on Hollywood versus Bollywood. I chose this topic to answer the week’s question of whether media industries shape media audience because I believed that it would give good insight into two powerful film industries and just what they do to people and the world. Hollywood is the major film industry here in the U.S. and Bollywood is the major film industry from India, but both have great reaches throughout the world and therefore affect a lot of people. I first presented a brief history and some stats about both places, then went into a little bit about how they affect audiences, in what ways, and then finally ended with a little part about some conflict going on between the two competing industries.

Through my research I was surprised to find out how successful and popular Bollywood actually was around the world. Personally I have never seen a Bollywood movie, nor have any real desire to which is why I think I found it so interesting that it had such a huge following and made so many movies a year. It was also interesting to see what conflicts were happening between the two industries and also how they affect their audiences. Moulin Rouge is a great musical and a great movie, and was taken aback when I realized it was based off of Bollywood type of films. In response to the question of the week, “How do media industries shape media audiences”, I can say that, through some research, it is by providing views of fantasy lives and other cultures and in so doing, let people adapt themselves and their attitudes to match what they see on the screen. Also I like to think that this can go both ways. In my opinion, I think that not only do media industries shape media audiences, but that media audiences determine what media industries actually provide to said audiences.

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