Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Film: Rene Ruiz

Later on this evening I will be presenting my case study on the topic of film and how new media industries are shaping media audiences. I decided to focus in on the DreamWorks Movie Company and Jeffrey Katzenberg, who is one of the co-founders of DreamWorks and chief executive/head of the animation department. Katzenberg has made it his mission to bring the 3D film into the spotlight. He is the self proclaimed ‘3D evangelist”.

Overall my presentation will be mostly about the new movement of 3D films in the movie industry and how they are now shaping the audiences all around the country. In my presentation I will first give a little background on 3D film, the DreamWorks movie company and Jeffrey Katzenberg. The bulk of my presentation will be about Katzenberg and his actions which are pushing this new phenomenon of 3D film. Some of his actions include partnering with major directors and producers such as Spielberg, George Lucas, Peter Jackson, and James Cameron. He worked with producer James Cameron to create a new 3D, high definition camera, which improved the quality of 3D film dramatically. He also speaks publicly about 3D films wherever and whenever he can. Katzenberg also speaks personally with theatre managers persuading them to embrace this new technology and run with it. As a result of the work of Katzenberg and DreamWorks, the phenomenon of 3D film has been growing rapidly; this is evident in revenues and earnings of movie theatres and movie companies around the world. Like with any other new innovation there are of course critics of 3D film and I will also briefly touch on their arguments and problems that they say they have with this new movement. The movie industry as a whole seems to be embracing this movement with open arms, with DVD sales decreasing, 3D movies are making up revenue for them.

This new 3D film movement is catching on and spreading rapidly. Katzenberg and DreamWorks have been like pioneers in this new phenomenon. Katzenberg even believes that this 3D movement will spread to the home, eventually to television, video games, and even laptops and cell phones.

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