Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Evolution of iHeartMedia, Inc.

       I addressed this week's question ("How does older media serve as a template for wireless culture?") by examining one of the leading media companies in the country, iHeartMedia, Inc. I also addressed terms from the chapter such as: 1996 Telecommunications Act, O & O, conglomerates, and syndication. 
       This company, formerly known as Clear Channel Communications, started in 1972 with the purchase of a single radio station and has since grown into a multi-platform organization boasting 850 radio stations and 245 million listeners. The company was rebranded a few weeks ago to reflect the amount of support it has for the most successful portion of the organization, iHeartRadio. iHeartRadio is a free, all-in-one digital music service that gives users instant access to thousands of live radio stations and the ability to create commercial-free custom music stations. In addition to iHeartRadio, this company also has an advertising company called Clear Channel Outdoor, live concerts and events, real-time traffic services and music research services. It has grown an immense amount since the start of the company.
       For my discussion questions, I asked fellow class members if they thought iHeartMedia could do anything differently to increase the amount of revenue and users. One student said the film industry could be an option for expansion. I also asked if they would pick other radio companies over iHeartRadio and some students said they used Spotify because it didn’t have as much song repetition. 

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