Thursday, October 30, 2014

DirecTV: DVR

Today I did my case study over DirecTV and how it has grown with their DVR product throughout the years. The topic this week was over Chapter 8: Television and we were asked to discuss how older forms of media inform new media markets. I started out by talking about DirecTV and the history behind the company. I then went into a brief discussion on VCR and how it has now been transformed into DVR, Digital Video Recorder. DVR is a “TV on your schedule” and “You’re in control” type of program. It allows users to record, rewind, pause and fast-forward as well as record entire television series, movies or even just a onetime game. I talked about how DirecTV DVR has now come out with their newest, and most advanced HD DVR products called the Genie. There are three different options with the Genie. It allows users to record up to 200 hours of entertainment, up to five different shows at one time, have extended recording time and it is all wireless, so you can connect it to any television in your house. Television can now be ran by your phone, computer or tablet too! I found that old media inform new media by always being a competition within itself. They come out with the newest and coolest program out, but immediately after release, they want something better. It makes me wonder what more they can do! I felt the discussion went well. The first question I asked wasn’t as active with responses, but when I asked about ideas the class had for the future of DVRs, it was a fun discussion. I think overall my presentation went well.

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