Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Transmedia in Film

The question of the week, "How do media industries shape media audiences?", led me to research new, innovative techniques in film. I found a very unique method that is developing in film, the practice of trans-media. Trans-media allows for narratives in film to engage audiences after they leave the theater. Audiences can discover more about the story through video games, mobile apps, TV series, and other franchise merchandises such as toys.

Trans-media has emerged due to the advent of the Internet and computing/video games. The Internet allows for more audience feedback, as well as audience discussion of the movie. Video games allow audiences the ability to play as characters from the movie, deepening the engagement the narrative has with its audience members. After establishing the implications trans-media has in film, using an informative video, I then went over various examples of trans-media in recent times. Lego was a specific franchise I used to exemplify this current trend.

Discussion: Once I had gone through various examples, I then posed possible franchises that may soon adopt trans-media into their business strategy. One classmate mentioned how Breaking Bad's attempt at trans-media proved problematic, integrating adult themed characters into kids toys. Another classmate used Frozen as an example of how Disney is attempting to engage with its female audiences through trans-media.


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