Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Evolution of Satellite and HD Radio

On Thursday February 28 I will discuss the advancements in radio technology, specifically satellite and high definition radio. We have all heard of XM and Sirius Radio, some of us might even be subscribers to their services. The recent merger of the two companies has brought about controversy and is still under investigation by our government, but consumers are still receiving satellite radio nonetheless. The services they provide is quite appealing with exclusive radio shows/series and over 100 channels no doubt. More recently a new type of broadcasting has been introduced to radio listeners, High Definition Radio more commonly known as HD Radio. Many AM/FM stations are now offering and providing HD Radio service in addition to their normal broadcasting. We are beginning to see stations with 1 frequency carrying 2 and sometimes even 3 channels all with different formats, labeled HD1, HD2, etc. Another newer radio technology implemented by radio station broadcasters is internet streaming audio, known as webcasting. This allows the listener to tune in to their favorite radio station via internet using windows media player and other sources. I will cover how these new technologies work, the benefits of each, and what they mean for you the consumer and listener.

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Robbie said...

Overall with new innovations in radio technology we can see the effects on consumers, broadcasting corporations, and AM/FM stations. The class discussion conerning these effects was beneficial in expressing one's viewpoint towards these changes. Many popular DJ's and their stations are slowly fading away in light up new technology. Much of AM/FM radio histroy is now taking a back seat to new radio media such as HD and Satellite radio. The discussion also covered how these new innovations have brought about many changes in corporate ownership and investment.