Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Political Blogging

On Thursday February 21 I will be talking about, blogs on how far the have come in the past decade and the way that politicians use them to get their point of views out to another audience. In the 2004 election Bush and Kerry was the first election to use blogs in their campaign. Their blogs talked about about their campaign scheledule where they would be, and how you could have fundraiser for them. They where their so they could get as much support as they could, and it was a cheaper way for them to get their ideas across to people. Another way that blogs effect politicians, was when Senator Lott made a racist comment people created blogs trying to get fired or to resign from the senate. They also got Dan Rather in trouble when he made the comments about George Bush evaded the draft.

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aschielack said...

There weren't to many comments, and we didn't have time for discussion. One of the discussions asked was what we thought about the candidates paying people to create these blogs, after i have thought about it more I think that is a smart thing for them to do. It can help them more and most people know anyway that they wouldn't have time to do that theirselves anyway. It is also interesting to see how far the blogs are going and becoming a new era for the media.