Wednesday, February 27, 2008


On February 28, I will be talking about Viacom and one of its purposes for merging with CBS. I will give a brief synopsis of Clear Channel and its history and then compare how unlike Clear Channel, Viacom is looking to achieve vertical integration. I will give examples of the companies owned by Viacom and how they inorporate music into their business proceedings which in a sense places radio on the internet but mainly on television. By doing so, I hope to show how diverse Viacom is in capturing the attention of its different audiences.

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Miss.Understood said...

Overall, Clear Channel can be seen as a monopoly when it comes to radio stations dominating predominantly the am stations. Viacom on the other hand had managed to merge with CBS in order to maximize it economies of scale which in turn makes profits higher for that company. By doing so, Viacom has become a diverse entity reaching broad age groups all over the world.