Tuesday, March 25, 2008

TiVo In Todays Society

On March 27, I will be discussing the company TiVo who is the maker of DVRs. I will cover everything from the history of TiVo, the target audiences, the beneficial up's and down's for comsumers and markets, and also income statistics. Through my speech I will talk about how TiVo has made a positive impact on viewers. http://http//youtube.com/watch?v=COOTXphzbag. Some might wonder about advertising with TiVo and the concerns now placed upon advertisement in which I will be discussing as well. Last but not least I will dicuss future expectations of TiVo and viewers at home.

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Kerrieag12 said...

After hearing about the history of TiVo and the impacts it has casted upon our society today I hope everybody realizes how much it will impact the future. The way TiVo has changed so much especially within the last 5 years, who knows what would be to come in the next 5 years. I hope everyone was able to see the what they are able to do with TiVo and maybe it influenced them to get a DVR since DTV is soon rounding the corner. With all of that said TiVo is a huge corporation and market, and will only be growing so we need to have our eyes open as to what will be next. "Expect the unexpected".