Monday, March 3, 2008

Movie Theater Franchise vs. Independent Movie Theaters

On March 6, I will be explaining that movie franchises such as AMC Theater are much more diverse and complex than smaller independent movie theaters. I will also be talking about an independently owned movie theater called Showplace 3 Cinema. It is important to realize the two different types of businesses and how they operate. I am going to differentiate the two movie theaters on the topics of distribution, projection, prices, profit, and audiences. AMC is pushing for innovation and technology while Showplace 3 is sticking to it's smaller more family owned way of doing things.

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JacklynCouey said...

After discussing the differences between movie theater franchises and independent movie theaters I really hope that everyone got a feel for how a movie theater works. I learned a lot by doing the presentation and thought it was very interesting. In our discussion we focused more on how movie theaters like AMC are trying to monopolize smaller theaters by building more and more theaters. AMC is also always moving forward in technology like getting the new DLP projectors while Showplace 3 is sticking to the regular film projector. We also talked about how distribution is different for AMC and Showplace 3. AMC will get the first pick in the movies that they receive while Showplace 3 gets the short end of the stick sometimes by getting what is given to them without really any say in it. Overall I think that the presentations that day went well and I hope everyone else learned something new just like I did.