Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Expansion of MTV and Its Affect on Culture

On March 27, I will be discussing how the Music Television Channel (MTV) has influenced the television formats we see today and has helped to influence, solidify and spread pop culture, both in America and in many other countries. I will discuss MTV's beginnings and history, how its format changed from only music videos to now music videos, television shows (especially reality television), and other forms of entertainment. I will also talk about MTV's expansion outside of the United States to other countries and cultures, especially Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and will discuss its influence in those countries.

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Sarah said...

After hearing about the growth of Music Television from a single cable channel to a huge media empire that is affecting youth culture not only in the United States but in other countries as well, I hope everyone was able to learn more about MTV than they knew previously. As we discussed in class, MTV originally started out with intention of being a visual radio station. From there, it grew into a televison channel that helped pioneer Reality Television, which now makes up the majority of its content. MTV's growth and expansion has led it to the creation of MTV Networks, which now owns many other cable channels. MTV Networks has launched many television channels in other countries, and has a presence on every continent except Antarctica. Last November, it launched MTV Arabia, a Middle Eastern channel. We also talked about how MTV's perceived affect on pop culture has caused complaints that MTV is teaching youth to espouse the negative values that are sometimes displayed on their shows. MTV has already had a vast impact, not only on America but also on the rest of the world, and will continue to do so. Only time will tell how great that impact will be. I learned a lot about MTV when I was putting this presentation together, and I hope you did as well!