Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Thursdays presentation

Hey guys this is Eric Burchett I had to borrow Robbies account because mine would not work.

This Thursday I will be discussing the dissemination and integration of CGI technology into the film industry. I will look at early examples of CGI in film and early innovators of the technology. Then I will shift focus to major CGI companies and there impact on film. Then I will look at more modern examples of the technology and discuss the current state of the technology in cinema. We will look at such questions as to weather or not film benefits or is disstracted by CGI and to what extent film audiences expect CGI in modern film.

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ericburchett said...

Last class I gave my presentation on the history of CGI. I focused on the early manifestations of CGI in film and the early creators of it. I hope that everyone can understand the history of this technology because it gives us in insight into where it is now and where it is going. I apologize for one of my youtube links not working that was ill preperation on my part. The next section I examined how pixar and Toy Story inparticulair made huge strides in the avancement of CGI technology. I hope everyone can get an appreciation for this new art form and a realization of how it has effected all media markets, film inpoarticulair.