Monday, April 14, 2008

Future of Cell Phones: Case Study Wrap-Up

What We Discussed in Class:

On Thursday, 4/10, we discussed the case studies over ownership and infrastructure. I discussed that if I were in a cell phone company, I would make sure that the company would be pushing toward an open-access approach. If they were not already doing so, then I would want to make sure that they were bidding on a license for the open-access frequency bands. The companies should also be pushing toward newer innovations as far as products go as well as business and service. I also stated that if I were in the FCC, I would also be pushing for the open-access approach (similar to the companies) but I would also be monitering the 2013 deadline for companies that acquire the licenses (they must serve 40% of the population they reach). We also discussed what will happen to companies that do not move toward open-access: will they lose business and fall behind or will they be ok? We decided that the business is moving toward open-access and if they do not jump on the bandwagon, then they will fall behind.

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