Sunday, April 20, 2008

Globalization- Fox entertainment and The Simpsons

The Simpson's series was created by Matt Groening for the Fox broadcasting company. The Simpson's televisions series has been called Americas first family but if you look into it you can see that it has become part of many other cultures as well. The show has been shown in sixty different countries in twenty different languages with sixty million spectators every week. Culture proximity takes part in this because countries wish to have the media shown in this instance The Simpson's be changed to fit their culture. In some countries the language is changed in others certain things can not be shows and others are added for example some countries Homer's love for beer turns to love of soda. Fox has done a wonderful job globalizing the show and its popularity continues to grow. Even the movie that came to theatres was aired in seventy one markets. There are a few issues related to the show and some countries dislike the Americanized show being shown in their culture but overall the show has gained much success and has become a very globalized series for Fox entertainment.

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Kaitlin Stover said...

The class discussion went well. First I started off with my own questions and then Dr. Campbell had a few of her own. One of the questions I brought up was why do you think the simpsons has been such a world wide success? I think the answers brought up were are relevant. One being that Homer Simpson is an everyday man and people no matter what country can relate to him in some way. Either by his fatherly figure or husband figure.Also it was discussed that it has done so well because Fox has entertainment production centerts located throughout the world and this helps with knowing the culture and how to adapt the show to a particular culture. Also the wide variety of languages the show has been translated into helps with the cultural proximity. Another question Dr. Campbell brought up was about regionalization and I did believe this was a good question because it really went along with the topic of globalization well. The simpsons has become largely regionalized but I still think its a very American show. After all the discussion I realized maybe I could have gone a little more in depth about regionalization and more about Fox's global mission though but I believe it went well.