Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The One Laptop Per Child association is a non-profit organization that is funded by a number of sponsor organizations including eBay, Google, AMD, Marvell, News Coproration. The goal of the foundation is to provide children around the world with new opportunites to explore, experiment, and express themselves. The project began January 2005, and the laptops were first availabe by November 2007. During the presentation, i will foucus on its mission, history, how it works and what it does, as well as how it is primary aim is to reduce the digital divide.

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adriana morales said...

OLPC is to be commended for raising issues and focusing attention, and for posing some technological challenges in a highly visible way. In class, we discussed some of the critiques to this organization and project. Another poing discussed was the “give one, get one” program that will allow US residents to purchase two laptops for $399, in which one laptop will be sent to the buyer and the other one will go to a child in a developing country. I fully support this organization and its goal of trying to close the digital divide gap in this world.