Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Facebook Case Study Reflection

Last Thursday April 8th I presented a case study to the class over one of the largest social networking sites used across the world, Facebook. In order to answer the question of the week, “Who controls the network?” I concentrated on Mark Zuckerberg’s product Facebook and the websites control of the social part of the internet.
I believe that Facebook does control a large portion of the social networking sites mainly because it is the extremely common and has easy to use features. Almost everyone has a Facebook, whether it is for personal use or to even promote another person or a store’s products. There was not one person in our class that admitted to not having a Facebook. This is a small scale example of how common the social networking site is. With Facebook one can remain in contact with someone across the room, city, state, country, and even world. There are only four countries in the world right now that have restrictions against Facebook. When an advertisement comes on the radio, television, billboard, etc. it now includes the common phrase, “Find us on Facebook and Twitter.” Everyone wants to remain connected and with Facebook it is the most popular way created yet.
In class I did not have time to propose any of my discussion questions. If I would of have had time I would have asked “Do you think Mark Zuckerberg has invaded our privacy?” The reason I wanted to ask this question was because after researching Facebook’s privacy rules I realized that the regulations are not as strict as I thought. I also learned that Facebook has a lot of control over what they can obtain from your computer, cell phone, MP3 player, etc. after you log on to Facebook. To answer my own question, I believe that Mark Zuckerberg has invaded our privacy but we have allowed and agreed to this in order to use Facebook.
After researching Facebook for my case study, I learned that Facebook does have a lot of control over social networking sites and also over our privacy. Unless you manually change your privacy settings online, Facebook is allowed to access
almost everything they want to know about you. I also learned that every time you post something on Facebook they analyze it and generate the advertisements on the side to “fit” you best. In conclusion, I believe Facebook does control the social network of the internet and will continue to until another site is created bigger and better. However among the website Facebook.com individuals have the option to control some of what happens on Facebook.

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-Jocelyn Lidrbauch

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