Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Impact of the iPhone by Sandra Aderibigbe

For my case study I decided to evaluate the impact of the iPhone. I briefly explained the history of the iPhone, some of the features that make it stand out, and the impact it has on the consumer, manufacturer, and technology itself. My main point was to point out that the iPhone was revolutionary in the sense that it shifted the focus of cell phone companies from the network to the actual cell phone itself. Prior to the iPhone, most carriers were only worried about the network and services. The iPhone was one of the first phones created for the pure enjoyment of the consumer. It offered a mini portable computer, and mp3 player, and countless applications that you could download to personalized your phone to fulfill your needs.
The discussion question that I asked was “Why do you think the iPhone continues to stand out amongst other phones. Many people first pointed out the fact that the internet ran very fast and looked just like how the internet would on a computer. Others pointed out the fact that the iPod had countless applications that one could use. There is basically an application for just about anything including various games but also useful tools such as maps. Others liked the fact that it had an MP3 player on it but specifically iTunes. A few people pointed out the fact that you can sync your iPhone to your computer, and its very easy to back it up. Lastly, people pointed out the fact that when the iPod does update their phone you don’t have to go out and buy another one, you can just download the update from iTunes.
The iPod is a phone that continues to evolve in very many ways. Because the iPhone is so advanced, in order to keep up with technology, many cell phone companies are finding ways to make better phones that consumers will love and purchase.

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guglita said...

so the ipod's a phone too? sorry if that sounds like a stupid question. i'm low-tech, what can i say?