Monday, April 26, 2010

Media in The Classroom

Last Thursday I presented a case study based on the question; what is new about new media? As a future educator myself, I felt the most effective way to answer this question would be to present something that would affect my future.
Over the course of the semester, we have discussed all aspects of new media and new technology that is in our lives today. Whether it be the new Ipad, satellite radio, 3d movies, or the explosion of social media, they are all intertwined in our everyday lives, but have any of us thought about where we are sitting right now, or where we spend the majority of our day? The classroom. The new media and technology is becoming a bigger part of our learning experience, even right now I’m using technology in the form of a PowerPoint and new media of YouTube to give this presentation and make a blog post. Online learning in the form of elearning, virtual worlds such as second life used to teach classes, social networks along with blogs, and multimedia presentations are making up a large part of the classroom, extending for the kindergarten age all the way to the college classroom, and it isn’t going anywhere.
Each one of these new media outlets is opening doors and presenting new opportunities to the future of our children and the future of the education world. Like I said in my presentation the technology is here to stay and we must get used to it and learn to incorporate it into our everyday lives. It is amazing how an elementary student is more computer savvy then I was the day I graduated high school. The question I present to everyone, is this too much too soon, and what will this technology craze at such a young age lead to in our societies future?

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