Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bollywood as a Manifestation of the Global Media Industry

Today, September 29th, I will be discussing the case study addressing the question: How does globalization shape media products and industry? I will be examining closely Bollywood as a manifestation of the global media industry and how it relates to us as a society in the United States.

Bollywood is the largest film industry in India and the second largest film industry, behind Hollywood, in the world. The idea of a glocal community and globalization effect Bollywood but more closely I will be examining the cultural proximity and regionalization that surrounds Bollywood today. Cultural proximity relates directly to Bollywood films because although we are exposed to some Indian films in the United states, most of their films are targeted to the Indian audience because of the language and culture used in these films are associated with this particular audience. Regionalization also plays a direct role in Bollywood the bright colors, music, and wardrobe changes can be linked to American Broadway. Many Americans enjoy Bollywood films because of the musical innuendo that is in place in these films. I will also be addressing the issues that Bollywood faces today such as piracy and non-elite audiences in India connecting with the films.

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