Wednesday, September 7, 2011

On Thursday’s class, (September 8th) I will be presenting a case study on Hulu and how it relates to the New Media market. Hulu is one of many technologies formed out of the convergence phenomena. It serves perfectly as an example of how television is being influenced by new media. Hulu is a website comprised of television shows and movies from various networks. Although you may categorize Hulu among other video websites such as YouTube, there are many key differences. I will discuss in detail what sets Hulu apart and the potential problems with the business structure Hulu operates by and what effects it could have on you. One distinction of Hulu is that the content producers own the technology and not a competing technology. Does this pose a threat to other companies? And how have they responded? Next, I will be discussing the role that advertising plays in Hulu. I will talk about why Hulu is attractive to many advertisers and their push to get networks to narrowcast. Furthermore, I will discuss the ways in which Hulu is challenging or helping the film industry.
 Hulu is the future of internet video and revolutionizes the way internet video will interact with New Media markets. As a result of my presentation and Discussion questions, I hope to clarify certain aspects of New Media markets and where technologies such as Hulu fit in and take part in an ever changing market economy. And If all goes well, I hope to generate enough curiosity so that you may wish to find out more about Hulu and its market effects on your own.

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Isaac Howard said...

On September the 8th's class I made a presentation that covered Hulu and how it relates to the New Media market. It addressed the question of the week which is: how does media convergence influence new media markets? I believe that media convergence influences the markets positively for the most part. It has opened up new paradigms in which to conduct business.

During my presentation I stated that Hulu was formed out of the convergence phenomena of traditional television and the internet. This unique business structure has marked a new era in television. the networks can reach consumers in new ways that circumvent the past systems. I went on to discuss how this could be a bad thing for us as the consumers. Because the networks own the best delivery system there is less demand for third party innovators. That means that there is less competition.

I was surprised at the answers i received to the question "do you think Hulu could monopolize the internet video industry?" Many of you believed that Hulu could not become a monopoly. One of the reasons given was that Hulu does not have user-generated content which is very popular among internet video viewers. It was also stated that if Hulu decided to incorporate user-generated content, they could possibly become a monopoly.

I hope that as a result of my presentation you were able to clearly see the impact Hulu is having on the New Media market as a convergence technology, and how Hulu can easily be forcasted as a pioneer in Internet video and its revolutionizing effects on the market.

Also, I have provided the links to both videos shown in class below.