Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Case Study Summary

Howdy! On Thursday, I will be presenting my case study answering the question, how does media convergence affect new media markets, by discussing the monopoly that has been created by Google. Because of the convergence of many types of media, Google is becoming a monopoly and trying to weed out all the media competition.

Google is a company that was originally created by two college students at Stanford University. They were trying to create a new kind of search engine listed the most visited or most popular sites having to do with the search first. They thought that this would help them and their classmates when the time came for them to research things for school. Since then, Google has grown to a multi-billion dollar company with multiple resources and ways to search different types of things on the Internet.  The developers at Google are trying to combine many new media services all on the same website. New media is media that is networked and interactive, such as a search engine, a social networking site, and an e-reader. Google is trying to compete with lots of individual companies by creating their own versions of types of media created first by other companies, such as Google+ to compete with Facebook. For the most part, Google’s versions of different services have been successful, but they have not all become the most popular versions of the services. Because off the convergence of media that Google has created, they have become a monopoly. This is changing the new media market because Google does not have competition as a whole. It seems as if Google is trying to wipe out all the competition in the Internet and new media field. If Google is the only new media company in the world that will definitely affect the way that we use new media.  

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lajurden said...

How does media convergence affect new media markets? I believe that new media markets are going to go towards converging as many things as they can into one company, just as Google has done, because of the technology and the multi-tasking that can be done in our society today. We see convergence like this happening with Facebook and Yahoo already. This will lead to many companies trying to monopolize the industry. Then the government will have to get involved and regulate everything that these companies do.