Thursday, September 29, 2011

Disney and Globalization

Later this morning, September 29th, I plan on exploring the question: "How does globalization shape media products and industry?" In order to do this, I am going to analyze The Walt Disney Company and some of the ways in which they responded to globalization, and even contribute. Two key aspects I will discuss are the content and medium Disney uses, and has used throughout the companies history.

Throughout my presentation I would like the class to be reflecting on their view of Disney: if it sounds more like cultural imperialism or if it is just a company trying to appeal to a broader foreign market.

Important dates throughout our nation’s history coincide with many productions and medium changes of Disney. The company has always been known to be strongly right winged, but just how much influence did/does the government have on what the company produced?

As we have studied in class, media has been ever changing. Our society went from messengers on horseback, to print, to telegraph, and now Internet. Disney knew the importance of making the most out of every media medium possible. For example, when the first Disney TV show broadcasted, that was not enough. The company wanted it’s own network, which now they have more then one.

By recognizing the growth and power of the company we can see that their tactics have been successful.

By the end of the presentation I hope the class will be able to clearly see the ways in which Disney has tried and succeed to progress along with globalization. The company’s use of content and mediums is an apparent attribute of Disney’s strategy to move with globalization. From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, their fist movie, to making on of the biggest purchases in history, the $19 billion dollar purchase of ABC network, Disney has made it’s way around the world and back.

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