Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Caroline Glithero - ICANN

The theme of the week is: the internet. The question the week is:
Who Controls the Network?
The network is not controlled by any one organization, instead
it is made up of many non-profit organizations and Thursday I will be focusing
on ICANN. ICANN stands for Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers.
ICANN works with 242 countries and territories in supporting the daily
operation of the Internet, as the global coordinator of the Domain Name System,
which is referred to as “DNS”. This system is used more than one trillion times
per day by humans and ICANN’s machines, and yet most of us don’t give it a
second thought. In my presentation I will talk about the establishment of ICANN
and how it was founded in 1998 by Jon Postel and explain how ICANN used to be a
US organization that has now gone international. Also I will define key terms
like; protocols and globalization that are important when understanding ICANN.
I will then cover the structure of ICANN and some of the roles ICANN plays in operational
stability for our internet as well as its extreme importance in maintaining a
global reputation. ICANN really prides themselves for being recognized as such
an immense global organization that is constantly growing. I will also give
some examples of the root system which ICANN is over as well as tell about some
the examples of their many global partners and the importance of their upcoming
meetings in other countries. After that I will explain the way ICANN operates
as a non-profit organization and how it pays for it itself. I will conclude by
posing my discussion questions to the class and answering any questions my
classmates may have. Then I will give a short summary on how ICANN monitors and
control the internet network today.

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Thursday November 10th I talked about ICANN and its important role for the internet operation world. I presented about what is ICANN, the Establishment of ICANN, some important terms to better understand ICANN, the structure of ICANN, the importance of ICANN’s roles, how ICANN makes money, questions for thought about ICANN, and lastly my concluding remarks of ICANN. ICANN is non-profit organization that works with 242 countries worldwide in controlling and supporting the internet, through its contracts with .com, .net and .org etc. and the management of Internet domain names. ICANN’s main goals are to keep the internet global, open, and united. The two questions for discussion I presented were:

Do you see ICANN being so focused on globalization as a negative or a positive?
People saw it as a positive because we can see and somewhat “control” what other countries are doing in a way. It was also brought up what kind of questions were being asked and conversed about ICANN being ran totally in the US even though it is an international organization.
Do you feel like ICANN should stay self-regulated or should the government get involved?
People also thought that it should stay self-regulated as it is because it seemed to be doing just find the way it is.

Here is a video of a little bit about what ICANN does.

This is ICANN’s official website that is very helpful when wanting to learn more about ICANN.