Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mike Wallace- Facebook Post Report

I was a little nervous but overall I felt like I did okay. I did the best I could to make my point. Overall I thought the class discussions were good. There were lots of people making good points and lots of people arguing and debating over my presentation which I thought was very good thing. One student got the point I was trying to make which was in dangerous countries like Syria I think that alot of government control is necessary where as here in the United States not as much control is necessary.
As far as who controls the internet I think it is a toss up. The government does control the internet but, so do the people. The government is always exerting some sort of control but in alot of countries people have the right to explore or watch whatever they want. In other countries such as Syria its a tug of war between the people and the government that will never end. So overall the control of the internet is neutral between the people and the government.

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