Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mike Wallace- Facebook


My name is Mike Wallace and I will be doing a case study to answer the question: Who controls the Internet? I will be doing this particular study on Facebook.

The main argument I will be trying to make is that while Facebook is a popular social networking site that is meant to help you make connections with friends there are some illegal things that it is used for such as forming illegal online protest groups and political riots.

The presentation will focus on what governments around the world are trying to do to prevent these things from taking place. The main example I will be using and talking about in the presentation is the Syrian government and some of the tactics and methods they are using to prevent the protests and riots from forming online.

For this presentation there are two questions I want the audience to think about. One is do you think the government is doing enough to prevent illegal activities on websights? Two is do you think alot of government control over websights is a good or bad thing?

To hear more tune in tomorrow for the presentation!

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