Thursday, April 19, 2012

Infinity Ward and Violence

Today I will be discussing the video game developer known as Infinity Ward and answering the question of the week:  How are gaming and mobile technologies impacting society?
Infinity Ward has been around since 2002.  They were acquired by Activision and are best known for their work on the Call of Duty series along with Treyarch.  Each of these developers has made different forms of war-themed video games that prove to be revolutionary in their realistic technology and their clear usage of modern weaponry.  In fact, the war-themed video game has become so revolutionary and so realistic that U.S. military uses it in training and recruiting.  Infinity Ward has created Call of Duty, Call of Duty 2, and the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series.  Call of Duty is known to be a popular military gaming series that is set in wars such as WWII and even WWIII.  There have been some controversial missions and subject matter that leave critics wondering what society might take from games with such graphic violence.  Violence in video games has been an issue in the media for as long as games such as Grand Theft Auto and Doom have been about.  There have been studies on gamers to see the effects of violence, such as asking general questions like “How do you feel when you shoot an enemy soldier and kill them?”  Even in the Media Now text it discusses how the media points fingers at games when there is a shooting even when there is no clear evidence.  It does, however, discuss how teenagers, “obsessed with ‘Doom’, gunned down 12 of their classmates”.  Therefore, this is why there is a huge debate on whether violence in video games has negative effects on society.   All in all, Call of Duty is a very popular gaming series that can be misconstrued as a ’violent video game’.  

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Molly Grimes said...

To answer the question of the week which was: How are gaming and mobile technologies impacting society? I would say that the gaming world is making revolutionary headway each day as they expand the games ability to provide intense graphics and scenes. Call of Duty is a perfect example of a violent video game and a war-themed video game both helping and hurting people who play it. There are many ways to interpret the violence in video games and society is affected by how the violence is seen and used. At the end of my presentation I showed two videos that portray just small amounts of what the game series Call of Duty is all about. There are so many other aspects of the game that could be perceived in positive ways; however, when you isolate the violence it can be seen as quite gruesome. If a child who has negative tendencies plays a game like this I think it could affect them in a harmful way. The following is a link to a non-profit organization that researches arguments like this. It shows both sides of the positive and negative effects of gaming.