Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sony's PS Vita and Mobile Gaming

Today I will be discussing Sony's PS Vita and how it impacts our society.

First of all you need an overview of the PS Vita and what makes it such a dynamic product.  First of all it has the ability to connect to Wi-Fi or 3G networks via AT&T's mobile broadband network.  This will allow gamers to connect with their friends online and get real time scores and updates in the games that they are playing.  Another big feature are the new front and rear cameras.  With these cameras the PS Vita can use the background that you are currently looking at in real life as the back drop for your game.  The front camera can put you in the game as well.  One of the biggest selling points for the Vita is its Cross Play function.  This gives you the ability to pick up whatever game you've been playing on your PS3 console, and play it on your Vita right where you left off.  This feature also allows you to connect with your friends from your Vita while they are playing on their PS3 system.

Now what makes this so troubling is the fact that children in our society are already spending too much time on video game as it is.  With the known correlations between excessive gaming and negative side effects, the fact that kids never have to leave their game consoles could be seen as a bad thing.  For instance a kid that spends a lot of time playing games on his Vita with his friends online, especially violent games, could be seen as over exposing himself to violent material that he doesn't need to be exposed to.  But you can also look at this another way.  This kid could also be developing team work skills with these friends that he is playing online with.  He could also be developing hand eye coordination with the use of the dual joystick control available on the Vita.

All in all I think it ultimately comes down to what you do as a parent.  If you think your kid is playing too many video games, make them go outside(without his portable game console of course) and play with their friends or siblings.  I think that Sony is just practicing good business by seeing a need that gamers have, and filling that need with a supply.

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tschuett said...

I think that mobile gaming devices are going to change the face of gaming as we currently know it. All of the companies that currently compete with Sony in their console based game division will now have to come up with portable games of their own so that they can keep up with Sony and their advances. In another respect it is making it easier for children to continually play these games. Now the side effects of this can be good or bad depending on which side of the argument you are on. The only thing that is for certain is that the advances in mobile gaming will impact children today and children in the future therefore, impacting our society greatly.