Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Walt Disney Company

Today, I will be presenting to the class The Walt Disney Company and their global Dominance relating to the question of the week which is: How does globalization shape media product and industry?
My presentation will brief the different media holdings that the The Walt Disney Company has so that everyone has a better understanding of how dominant the company is. Further we will dive into how Disney goes about reaching the world on global and local levels. These efforts include the film, tv, internet, theme parks and consumer.The conversation that always immediately follows this different divisions are what are there effects. Because Disney is an American company, its influences are heavily american. As an american its harder to understand how problematic that is because that's life how we know it. In other our culture is pushed over theirs. In addition to certain themes that we see repeated in the content of the productions and films, there also leads to criticism of how accurate their journalist division is. The question can be brought up: Are there any bias in their news and are we not getting the full story.

I believe as the Disney company grows we will see less room for different ideas and opinions. The Disney Company's efforts to the own all parts of media will deny us the opportunity to see the different cultures and opinions of everyone


Jared Jones said...

In our class discussion we talked about how globalization has shaped the media industries. I talked in particular about how the Disney Company has incorporated American culture through its different media companies such as Disney, the ABC Network. Disney effort to spread one global culture through the world show us how globalization is created and spread. The Disney Companies beliefs are further enforced by the products they sell, and culture of their movies. The Walt Disney Company shapes globalization through the acquisitions and cultures of their different holdings.

Jared Jones said...

In addition to highlighting the cultural diversity of the Disney Company, I also showed examples of how the Disney Company's efforts as a globalized company could become dangerous. I talked about the possibility of bias, social hierarchy and agendas with ultimately shape the global media industry as well.