Thursday, April 5, 2012

Viral Videos in Politics and Advertising

Today, I will be discussing viral videos and their relationship with political and advertising campaigns. As the internet grows and becomes the most significant device for providing information it is necessary to analyze the usefulness of viral videos in politics and advertising; whether or not they are effective and how they become so wide spread. While discussing viral videos it is also important to look at Web 2.0 which is the way of using the internet for collaboration and sharing of data among individual users. Daniel Gayo-Avello helps define the importance of social media in a study and how it is becoming an important channel for information on the internet. Viral Videos are the distribution through sharing. A viral video is a video which is spread through online sharing and social media outlets. Through analyzing the “Yes We Can” video that was released during the political campaigns in 2008, Kevin Wallsten did a study on the influence that viral videos and found that bloggers played a larger role in spreading the video than journalists did. Furthermore, to see the effectiveness of viral videos, there was a study conducted by Kristen English and also a Newsweek article that stated that viral videos didn’t play a key role in influencing the public and increasing votes. Much like in advertising, there was a study of the Evian Skating baby commercial that went viral, but didn’t increase the profits for the company.  Through the use of Web 2.0 videos keep making their way through the network and becoming viral. However, through evidence, the number of views does not determine the attitude or influence that a person will take from it.

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Rachel's Randomosity said...

In the class discussion about the internet and who controls the network, I talked about Web 2.0 and how social media is making the user the most important tool in controlling the network. With the ability to post information, videos, pictures, links, and making profiles, people are the ones who decide what gets spread throughout the internet. This means that users control the information that gets the most attention and what leads to viral videos.