Monday, November 3, 2014

ABC (American Broadcasting Company)

The question of the week was " How do older forms of media inform new media markets?", got me to start researching the history of ABC as a radio station to today as one of the biggest TV televisions known to everyone. I found that ABC move forward with the wants of the society. Started as a Radio station to compete with NBC and CBS. All three of the radio stations grew and became the "big three" in the radio industry and later in the TV industry. I would say the huge step that ABC to move away from the other two competitors was actually listening to what the viewers wanted and made the right moves in the direction. I would consider ABC as more towards the entertainment viewer industry and NBC and CBS try to get more of the political audience but still have some entertainment shows.

ABC has transformed into the top watched television stations with their popular TV shows at night to NFL football on the weekend. If anyone wants to try to compete with this company, They were seriously need to produce TV shows that attract larger size audiences and try to also have other type of entertainment like sports or news.

Discussion: After I presented my information, the big discussion was if Netflix,Hulu, another online viewing websites will cause the number of viewers to reduce watching ABC. many of students admitted that they watch Netflix over live Tv but believe that the numbers won't change because of the many live events that ABC host.


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