Thursday, April 20, 2017

Verizon V. The FCC

In the case of Verizon v. The FCC an important precedent was set with regards to Open Internet Rules and Net Neutrality. The courts dictated that the FCC did not have the right to regulate Verizon as an internet carrier in its entirety with regards to Net Neutrality. This meant that Verizon was allowed to self regulate prices when it comes to package prices of internet. Now despite the fact that the courts have since overturned that ruling and declared internet providers “utilities” thereby changing the way they are legally classified. The current head of the FCC, as appointed by president Donald Trump, Ajit Pai has spoken about attempting to deregulated the internet service providers and allow them to completely privatize. Verizon V. The FCC set the precedent for how Director Pai will follow through with this policy change. This change in Net Neutrality policy could be detrimental to the culture of the Internet as we know it. Internet Service providers will inevitably monopolize, jacking prices for internet packages through the roof thereby inflating the internet market and hurting the consumer. If Net Neutrality is not upheld, it is possible that the internet as we know it today could change forever and not for the better with regards to the consumer, surely something must change.

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