Monday, April 10, 2017

YouTube & Copyright

In terms of who owns the network when talking about YouTube, I would say that copyright holders own the network. The reason why is because they have control over what can and cannot be put on the website. While they cannot monitor and control everything that appear on YouTube, when they do find their material in a video, they have the option to remove the video and give a copyright strike to whoever published the video, even if the publisher did so within the terms of fair use (Cooper, 2016). Like the case with "Channel Awesome", where the publisher was able to use clips from the movie legally, he still got punished for it (Cooper, 2016). Some will say that it is not the copyright holders fault, but rather it is the broken Content ID system that is at fault for these events. While this statement is true, it is also true that copyright holders will knowingly take advantage of this brokenness to serve their own purposes. When someone can cast punishment on someone who did nothing wrong and get away with it, I would think that the punisher has the power or, in this case, control over the network.

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