Thursday, April 20, 2017

Telecom: Importance of Smartphones in Terrorist Attacks

When conducting research for the question of the week which was, What social/economic forces shape communication infrastructure, I decided to show the importance of global networking and how that benefits society as a whole when it comes to terrorist attacks. I believe that all of the benefits of smartphones like live footage, social media coverage, global support and even just knowledge about the tragedy itself is a key component of communication infrastructure.

The way we communicate globally is a powerful social force that can positively impact the relationships and bonds of nations. When 9/11 happened in 2011, it showed how fast the nation acted when it came to making sure people could get into contact with their loved ones and making sure that emergency services were always available. IRCs make it to where international contact is possible and we can even see now how much that access has grown.

Through apps that are easily accessible with our smartphones, we are able to receive information immediately and keep up with worldwide happenings, like terrorist attacks. We can show support through social media and try to connect with them on an emotional level by seeing live footage of what actually happened. One question asked in class was if we sometimes use this support just to fit in and not because we actually “support” them. I definitely think that we can get ahead of ourselves when using technology, but all in all, I think the support most people show does more good than bad which can really impact our global network in a positive way.

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