Monday, April 11, 2011

Follow up of Google

After presenting my case study of Google to the class, I feel like the class was left with just a better understanding of the sort of monopolistic control that Google has on the internet. Although I failed to generate a lasting discussion throughout the class, it did seem however that most students were interested in what I had to offer about the company. I hoped that the class left the round table discussion with the thought of how powerful and overwhelming the corporation can be and how that can have many negitive and positive side effects. We all know of Google's easy ability to use as well as finding quick information by "googling" on the internet. This can also be dangerous as anyone who has the time to use the website may be able to uncover a lot of personal information about one person. I hoped I opened the student's eyes and made them wonder to themselves what sort of control Google has on the network that is the internet and if they feel this is beneficial or harmful to society as a whole.

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