Saturday, April 9, 2011

ICANN Can Conduct Control

The not for profit Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is the group that currently monitors and distributes gTLDs. That is a global Top Level Domain system that allows users of the internet to create web-sites for business, informative, as well as group support. It was established in 1998 to ensure that websites were inter-operable and accessible from locations all over the world. I will be covering the current topics of the creation of new gTLDs as well as the multi-stake holders business model that ICANN is proposing. I will touch base on the other nations opinions about the current control of the internet. We will discuss the oversight of the GAC as well as the US DOC. The controversy over the establishment of the most recent new TLD being the .XXX will also be discussed. I will provide evidence that the corporation is a well developed and stable organization that is conducting the control of the internet.

Cory Hodges

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